Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Tailbone quest

So, the tailbone pain is getting better, thanks to my die-hard attitude towards my wii fit training. I am getting a little confused though, as I started another program to increase my health and attractivity and reach my goal of over-all LIFE balance.

YOUR SHAPE. I realized that I was getting old when I had to gasp for air reading about this thing. Your Shape comes with a camera that scans your body and presents you with a transparent picture of yourself on screen! One of those blue ones with thin lines all over it! Sooo Matrix. Analyzing that picture, Your Shape will suggest a training regime of aerobic exercises. I remember my dad telling me about how he felt when those guys landed on the moon for the first time, like, If this is possible, anything is possible. That's how I feel now. The camera keeps watch over me as I unskillfully try to mirror the fit trainer-character on screen, Eva. Watch those arms! Eva keeps shouting at me. And then, the very next second, Perfect! You are getting so into this! Eva is sending me contradictory messages and I am getting increasingly insecure in which information I should choose to believe.

Watch those arms!
More energy!
You are getting so into this!
Hey, I can't do this by myself!

Of course I am the sort of person that almost unfailingly only listen to negative feedback about myself. So I desperately try harder to impress Eva, not really knowing what it is that I am doing wrong. The thought strikes me then, that maybe life is like this. Life might be a faulty software (not an original thought, I know...) that keep insisting that one is doing everything wrong, when, IN FACT, one is doing everything right. My epiphany for the day: All is well. Just keep on doing what you have to do. Be careful in believing what you think others think of you, or say to you. Be guided, dead friend, by your own wisdom only.

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  1. Such a nice column today!
    Watch your arms!