Friday, 6 November 2009

Scholarship Salmon

So, I have exactly one more month, and then I am out of school. Shiat. What to do after that? Should I panic? Should I run around the house madly pulling at my hair and dream up all the bad things that could happen when school is over? Like: I won't get an agent! I'll never write again! I'm gonna be stuck in Vienna and die of depression and repressed creativity!

But I have learned a little something from all the years spent meditating and practicing astral travel; I am not the control freak I used to be. What happens happens and one just has to deal with it. And the more one just lets life has its way, the more fun it gets. Living out of the empty space, I call it. Letting go. For example, I had an appointment with dear Dr. Pajamas again yesterday, and as he told me to get out of my stockings, I realized I hadn't shaved my legs for, hmmm, weeks. There was a moment I was about to panic and on the verge of feeling deeply embarrassed, but, thanks to all my spiritual practices, I just inhaled and accepted the fact that my poor doctor was going to have to deal with my long body hair.

That's all fine and good, and a little bit brain washed too, which I happily admit to. Not wanting anything, I thought I had actually mastered the art. That is, until I discovered that I am TWO people away from Alan Ball (and one from Berlusconi... hmmm). And now I have set my greedy spirit on something else too. Frida sent me a link to a screenwriters scholarship, and oh boy, do I want it. One year of just writing and here it comes... getting payed for it (I am sighing deeply here)! OMG. OMG. How I want it! How I long for it! Could something splendid like that actually happen to me? Send me your blessings folks, I want them.

Take Bad Back Stir Fry and use Salmon instead.

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