Tuesday, 13 October 2009


It is weird coming back to London. Especially if one comes from a tiny, practically empty village like Vienna. The sheer mass of people that hit you like a wall when you get out of the train at Victoria. It is mad! It is absolutely crazy. A part of me just wants to turn and go right back, thinking I just won't survive among all these people. But another part is super inspired. Look at that huge woman with a turban and the bag covered with at least thirty small fluffy animals! Look at that punk with tattoos all over! Look at those gorgeous giant twin brothers in identical striped suits and crazy patterned ties! Here I feel like anything might happen. In Vienna I want to go to sleep the whole time. There is something weird in Vienna though, and all foreigners that have lived there know this. Vienna makes you tired. You just want to have a nap all the time. Or a break drinking a coffee and reading the newspaper without talking to anyone. Or just a little sit down on a bench somewhere to rest for a while. I remember reading in the National Geographic many years ago, that there is a spot in the north of Vienna where there is the strongest pull of gravity on earth. This, of course, explains everything. I have since reading this enthusiastically told everyone I know. I had quite the success with the theory until someone told me that gravity is just one thing. It can't pull more or less. This really burst my bubble. And to tell the truth, I just can't believe it. I mean, I read it in the National Geographic! Who else can you trust in this world but them?

Memorable Meal Nr. 2 from the ten days in Wien:

1 artichoke
five garlic cloves
olive oil

Preheat the oven, 200°. Cut the artichoke in half and take out the pubic hair. Cook the two halves in lemon and salt water, about 15 min. Make a little sauce with the olive oil and the crushed garlic. Place the artichoke in an oven safe dish and drip over the garlic oil. Shower the artichoke with parmesan and place in oven for another 15 min. Voila. All you need is maybe a tad more fresh parmesan. Amazing.


  1. Hm. I am not quite sure if the theory with the being tired all the time having to do with viennese soil is true. And I could think of quite some arguments speaking against that theory. If only I could get a little nap first. My mind is all over the place. That tired I am.

  2. That theory could explain some things... I wanted to stay six months in Vienna but in the end it actually took me nearly eight years to collect the energy to return back home to Sweden....