Thursday, 15 October 2009

Quinoa Cleanse

The incredible amount of time it involves cooking healthily, not eating processed food and sugar, practically leaves time for nothing else. Thank God I am a writer. Cooking itself involves three other categories: 1. shopping 2. eating 3. cleaning the mess up afterwards. I can do the shopping alright, and I am a master of eating, but the cleaning... Cleaning never was my thing. My dad nicknamed me Boheme (his worst of nightmares) as a teenager, because he found my vacuum cleaning skills intolerable. I would clean the family restaurant to earn pocket money, but more times than not, he used to push me aside and demonstratively stand on his knees getting the really dangerous corners and cracks of floors, shelves and sofas.

This disgust of mine for cleaning has not changed. I am great at picking up things and putting them in cupboards, leaving my flat looking quite perfect, but if someone would have a closer peek at my bathroom floor... I just don't lower my gaze and whistle funny tunes instead.

Now today I have reached a new peak in my non-cleaning. My slipper actually got stuck on my kitchen floor, that's how dirty and sticky it is. And I have a friend coming tonight to stay for a few days, so on number one on my to-do list is, obviously, cleaning. Shit. What to do? Keep on cookin'.

Quinoa Fennel Cleanse with Sesame Yoghurt Dip (for 2)

2 dl quinoa
1 teaspoon vegan stock

1 fennel
1 red onion
1 red pointed sweet pepper
handful spinach
bunch of coriander leaves
rocket salad

2 dl sesame seeds
2 table spoons vegetable oil
sea salt (or fancy pink himalayan salt)

Cook the quinoa in double amount of water with the stock for 10 min. Chop the vegetables. Fry the onion, fennel and red paprika in a little olive oil. Drain the quinoa when ready and pop into a non-stick pan, fry for a few minutes, then throw it to the veggies. Tear over spinach leaves and the coriander. let fry for a minute.

Ground the sesame seeds in a coffee grinder. Place in bowl and mix with the oil and salt. Add a few spoons of greek or turkish yoghurt, some lime juice and fresh coriander. Stir.

Put the fried veggies on a bed of rocket salad, add the sesame yoghurt and some seeds on top.

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  1. What happened to the slipper? Is it still sticking on your kitchen floor? what a lonely and yet poetic sight that must be.