Saturday, 3 October 2009

Lucky Lemon Chicken

After one hour in line to check in at Gatwick, and another half to get through security (thank God I am a neurotic and always go to the airport basically five hours before departure), I was finally in the shopping mall hell that airports have become these days. Knowing that I would not get any candida apropriate food on the plane (can't give up now), I went to Pret and got a salad with crayfish and salmon. At least I think that's what is was. The size and shape vaguley resembled that which is normally refered to as crayfish, but the colour and taste... I don't know. It was scary. The little papery, pink wobbly bits tasted... they tasted... I can't say what they tasted like, because I have never felt an equally disturbing taste on my tounge in my entire life. And I have tasted some strange things.

I have absolutely no idea what I put in my mouth. It could have been anything disguising as a crayfish butt. Inspite the bad taste I kept on going, sure that it must be good (it says natural on the package!). That's when I had this brilliant idea. What if one had sort of a thermometer device that one could stick in the food and test what the hell is actually in it? Steroid content, mercury content, antibiotika, you know, all that stuff that one keeps hearing about. Wouldn't that be great? Maybe not always fun, but at leas one would know! 40% poison, 20% shit, 20% crayfish extract, 20% shrimp flu...

Lucky Lemon Chicken with Avocado dipp:

2 pieces of chicken filet
1 whole fennel
2 young onions

half a lemon
black cumin - seriously important
dried lemongrass
vegan stock
tamari sauce
a bunch of fresh basil leaves

avocado dip:
1 avocado
half a lemon
2 cloves of garlic
tiny spray of olive oil
salt + pepper

Peel, cut and fry the young onions, ginger and fennel. Put in the chicken filets with the frying veggies and squeeze over the lemon (and maybe a hint of dried chili and garlic salt). Add a generous pinch of black cumin and lemon grass). After a few minutes I usually cut the filets in two or three, depending on how thick they are, beacause I am hungry and impatient. Also I like my veggies to not be too cooked, so it's gotta go fast. Then pour half a small glass of water over the food and some soup stock (to make a creamier consintency), and a hint of tamari sause. Then tear over a bunch of basil leaves. When the chicken is ready, serve with the avocado dipp.

Dipp: Just mash the avocado, the garlic, the oil and the lemon together... season with salt and pepper.


  1. Shrimp Flu. That's the next big thing. Gotta have it. Where can you get it?

  2. I am freaked out already! Scary scary shrimp flu!

  3. i am waiting for the foodthermometer, what an crazy amount of surprises it would bring to our everyday life..when we eat at stations, restaurants, home even, bought in the supermarkets, i want that lucky chicken..lemonish and lucky..what a lucky chicken it must have been and how happy to be served with this title..buon apetitto!

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