Thursday, 1 October 2009

Walk On Water

My notebook has committed suicide. One second it was there, helpful and alert as ever, and the next, literary the next second, it died. In my arms though, thank God.

The thing seemed to have died out of confusion, as there was a big question mark blinking slowly and thoughtfully on the screen. Why. A last message. Why. Why. The big question of life. Why. Maybe it had started loosing faith in the meaning of life a long time ago and I had failed to notice, preoccupied, I am ashamed to say, as I usually am with my own stuff. And then when one notices, ahhh... it is too late. I pray you will rest in Eternal Freedom, dear One, from pixels forever. Freedom to soar in the Eternal... you know... in the Eternal Thingie...

The thing is though, that the damned computer took my life with it. Goodbye photos, little stories, ideas and notes. Goodbye emails and.... goodbye music. The fucker took my music with it! The rest I can let go of (breathe in... breathe ouuuuut...), but my MUSIC! I had music worth hundreds of friggin pounds on there! Music collected when in strange moods, when inspired, when sad. Music recommended by friends. Music that seemed to have come from nowhere and just fitting right into my life. Isn't that a tad selfish? Isn't that just a little mean? Honestly, who would do such a thing?

Luckily I am becoming Jesus, so forgiveness is my thing now. I forgive You, little computer. It was just your time to depart, and who am I to say that you should go without the music you had carried within you for so long? This will be my last song for you (HALLELUJA SPOTIFY!): Katie Luekens – A Ceremony Of Carols, Op. 28 : No. 6. This Little Babe:

So, the Jesus-thing, it's true. If you want to become Jesus too, here is what you have to do:

The Walk On Water Juice

4 cooked beetroots
1 thingie of celery
2-3 tomatoes
half a cucumber
2 baby salad leaves
large handful of spinach leaves
big piece of ginger
1 stalk of fresh mint
half a lemon

Put all in juicer, sandwich the leaves between bigger things such as beetroots or cucumber. Pour in large glass filled with ice. Walk on water.


  1. Whahahahahahahahahaha! You are back! Gareat!

  2. i am sure the songs are somewhere and waiting for you to track them..take them back, or they will appear in a sudden moment, when unexpected working on a note or thinking of something..songs have this certain something that they might appear anywhere anytime like friends you just suddenly see and meet while entering a tube in tokyo...