Monday, 28 September 2009

Whatever Is Good Soup

Don't you just despise people who constantly refer to people they know as My Dear Friend So-and-so...? I was reading this blog written by this famous person, and she constantly kept on going My Dear friend This told me to do this... and My Dear friend That advised me to do that.... My intestines just revolt at such widespread intimacy with Everyone! I am probably completely unfair, and all these cooks and fitness experts and doctors ARE her Dear Dear Friends. I mean, after all, we are all One Love in a Singular Universe, right? Still, I just hate it. It sounds so preppy and inauthentic. I think the phrase I hate that fucker! Can be much more loving than My dear dear friend. You know what I mean? At least there is some real passion and honesty in that.


I have now been on the Candida diet for exactly one week and one day. Muffins of all shapes and tastes have failed at seducing me. Baguettes and creamy cheeses have no more power over my will of iron. Hamburgers and fries are sending their smoky long fingers after my soul in vain. But coffee.... ohhhhh cooooffeeee... Not a day passes where I don't press my nose against the window of a coffee shop longingly, heavyhearted at being at the outside while all these people are sipping their lattes smugly, not knowing just HOW lucky they are. I sit down uncomfortably close to strangers in order to live vicariously through their uninhibited coffee slurping. I will sneak soundlessly to the cupboard in the kitchen, to smell the last traces of coffee from the secret crevasses of the empty tin...

3 celery stalks
1 young onion (is that what it's called?)
1 pak choi
1 red paprika
1 yellow paprika
a handful spinach leaves
a handful watercress

half a lime
half a green chili

vegan soup stock

You know the procedure... Peel and fry and pour over water. The only thing I did was to put the spinach leaves and the watercress just before pouring over the boiling water...

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  1. finally. i thought the funghi had eaten you up. as a revenge for all their siblings that had died on all the pizza funghis in the world. but you are alive. thank god.