Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Sweet Sweet Potato & Cherry Tomato Soup

Today I as I sat reading in the magical Brompton Cemetery, a flash suddenly came to me. I would NOT make the potato and tomato soup as I had planned, but instead use the SWEET potatoes I had bought for something else entirely. HA! What courage! Sweet potato and cherry tomato soup. Good title too. I have never made a soup using sweet potatoes, so this quest excited me enormously. The stake was raised a notch as my pregnant friend invited herself for lunch. How would it taste? I had no idea. What if my friend would be brought into early labor by the upset in her stomach as she ate the thing? Well, I had to try my best.

2 sweet potatoes
1 small box of cherry tomatoes
2 shallots

vegan stock
sambal oelek

Peel and cut all the stuff.

Fry the shallots with the ginger (standard procedure in all my soups) and some turns of the chili pepper mill. Add the sweet potatoes and stir, after a minute or two, add the tomatoes. Fry for another minute then add the obligatory 1 1/2 spoon of vegan stock. Stir and then add cooking water to cover the veggies. When the potatoes are soft, add a squeeze of lime and some sambal oelek (chili paste). Mix with hand mixer and season with fresh herbs - I used parsley and thyme.

To this I made an avocado and garlic mix and spread on corn crackers. I didn't want to starve the baby.


The soup turned out well. 'Fantastic', to quote my preggie friend. I think yesterday's was a little better though, if I am to be honest. But not bad, little soup, not bad.

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  1. Sounds very tasty. I am hungry now. Cant you send some via skype?