Thursday, 17 September 2009

Dirty Truffle Mushroom Soup

I have been secretly smell and taste fantasizing about truffle oil for one or two weeks now. The desire just seem to overcome me. I have felt a little secretive about it, as truffles are soo... soooooo... ahhhmmm... dirty. That pungent, mysterious jet earthy smell. That fleeting promise. That seductive velvety giggle of a taste. Trruffeeeellll... it even rolls flirtily of your tongue. Wanting to find out more, as one does, I read up on those sexy ones on wikipedia. It appears though, that the word actually means lump. Lump? Lump. Ohhhhhh you delicious, little devil... lump?

Lump. LUMP. Lumpp. The more I say it the more I discover the secret qualities and hidden layers in the word. Luuummp. Lummp. If feels sort of fleshy and vulgar in a very appealing way. You naughty... Lump.

1 box of mushrooms
10 smallish potatoes
2 cloves of garlic
1 yellow onion

truffle oil
vegan stock
whole cloves
fresh thyme

Cut and peel potatoes, onion and garlic. Cut mushrooms. Fry all in a little olive oil with the chili. Add two table spoons of vegan stock and pour over about a liter of cooking water. Add a dash of nutmeg and the whole cloves. When potatoes are soft, add the cream and a swirl of truffle oil. Cook on low heat for another minute or two.

Mix with hand mixer, add some fresh thyme and a few drops of lime on each serving.

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