Monday, 14 September 2009

Alchemical Pumpkin Soup

After a short holiday from orange soup, orange soup is back. The poor pumpkin has been laying around for a week now awaiting its destiny calmly among some carrots and old butter in the fridge. Time to transcend to a new dimension, my friend. It seemed the pumpkin took the news with a tranquility of mind even the most enlightened guru would be proud of. Hell, I can't even take off my socks at night without separation anxiety. So. Autumn is here and the leaves keep turning red and insisting on falling of the trees. I am clinging on to the last dirty layer of my summer tan. My pumpkin has finally successfully gone from a solid material existence to a more spiritual and lofty one. As shall we all. One's death, another's life.

1 coquina squash
1 pointed red pepper
2 shallots
piece of ginger

vegan stock

coriander & parsley

Peel and remove seeds from squash. Cut into smallish pieces. Peel and cut shallots and ginger. Cut and remove seeds from pepper. Fry the shallots, chili and ginger a few minutes before adding the red pepper and squash. Fry for another few minutes, then add the fresh thyme and two spoons of vegan stock. Stir, then add boiling water to cover the veggies. Sprinkle some fresh coriander and parsley on top.


  1. Vilken omslagsbild! Vilket proffs du är. Det här är ju bara för bra. Moa

  2. tack mosa vad du ar gullig!