Sunday, 13 September 2009

No Bullshit Zuccini Soup

I read today in some girl's magazine about a new way of eating where you are neither a vegetarian or a complete carnivore. This 'new' thing is called Flexitarianism. A Flexitarian describes a person focusing on vegetarian food with occasional meat consumption. Hmmmmm... This is exactly what I do, I thought. Why did I not think about coining a name, copyright it and earn a million dollars on it? After this initial jealousy a feeling of lightness overcame me. I AM A FLEXITARIAN! FINALLY I KNOW WHO I AM! I have felt similar rushes of ecstasy when discovering that... I am a Unicorn! (While I was getting into shamanism.) / I am a spiritual master! (Didn't last long.) / I am a Chloe Dress! (still enjoy that one.)

As today I suffer from a slight hangover, I needed a quick and dirty soup fix.

3 Zuccini
2 shallots
as much chili as you can take

Peel and cut. Fry in olive oil. Mix. Eat. Spit fire.


  1. Mazing! Getting better and better! Please do not stop! Is very funny! Woff!

  2. Wow I am a Flexitatian tooo! (isn't that the planet left of pluto?) I am soo glad to finally have closure on ex-vegitarian guilt issues, I have moved on! Thank u C, now to try some soups...