Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Too Happy For Soup.

I have not cooked a soup today. Disaster. I just felt no motivation whatsoever. Over all I just enjoy a blissful mood. I have a multitude of followers - the mammoth number of FOUR (and how I love them). I receive at least one comment a day, wonderful feedback practically raining on me. What do I need more? Ahhhhh. The life of a star.

And then I stumbled on this article in Oprah magazine about fear and success. To cut it short and adapt it to my own life it says this: Just as failure fuels your fear and keeps you working towards your goal, success mitigates anxiety and weakens your motivation to stick with your regimen...

AHA! This is JUST what I am experiencing now! I feel so successful that I instantly loose my motivation to cook soup. And just yesterday I went to Sainsbury's to get new exciting stuff like mushrooms and bay leaves and lentils to spice up my soup menu.

Well, luckily I happened to read that article. What would one do without Oprah? I have now successfully shed light on my own unconscious behavior and will let the darkness hinder me no further! New, bigger horizons, here I come! Success like I could never have dreamed of, here I am! I might even start cooking with cream and creme fraiche...


  1. Another amazing article. It probably is not even the soup that is so intriguing. It might indeed be the chance to get a glimpse into your elegantly quirky thoughts. So as far as i am concerned, write about newspaper soup or non-soupor whatever soup. as long as you write. genius.

  2. Hihi! Du bist so lieb! c